Bryan Bates for County Supervisor

Longtime Flagstaff resident and science educator, Bryan Bates will provide smart solutions to serve our county.

Bryan and his wife Barbara at a recent event to support the Flagstaff Arts Council

Why Bryan

I come from a family engaged with  community service. I spent 40 years as a science educator and now have the opportunity to give back to the place I call home.

I look forward to:

  • Listening to you, learning from you, working for you.

My Platform:

  • Prioritize forest health, wildfire prevention, flood mitigation
  • Support our County Health and Safety Departments
  • Advocate for better roads, infrastructure, and other public services
  • Work to make the criminal justice system more efficient and effective
  • Demand wise fiscal management
  • Nurture and create partnerships to move our County forward
  • Keep my constituents informed of County government activities and opportunities


Bryan Bates is a founding member of the Flagstaff Water Group through which he has made important contributions to Flagstaff discussions concerning water purity, conservation, and rates.  Through his work with the team, he’s demonstrated key qualities that would serve the county well: Bryan operates from an outstanding set of core values.  He takes aContinue reading “Flagstaff Water Group”

Flagstaff Water Group

While science and governmental leadership may appear to be different disciplines, they require many of the same skills: The capacity to define the real issue, the diligence to find the facts, a propensity for critically analyzing data and identifying the root cause of problems, and the ability to create a manageable plan.  As we emergeContinue reading “Kevin Schindler, Local Scientific Historian/Author”

Kevin Schindler, Local Scientific Historian/Author

As a Flagstaff native and longtime student of our community’s history, I have researched and written about many of the early-day individuals who helped to create our vibrant Mountain Town.  Besides the names of prominent pioneers and families of the past, another name often appears in our contemporary civic life – Bryan Bates.  Bryan hasContinue reading “Jim Babbitt, Businessman”

Jim Babbitt, Businessman

We are blessed to live in a community that values science. We need leaders in science who go above and beyond their call of duty to serve the greater community. Bryan Bates is such a leader as he brings his knowledge and skills to serve Coconino County as District 4 Supervisor. Bryan is an educator.Continue reading “Karen Malis-Clark”

Karen Malis-Clark

I served eight years as County Supervisor for District One.  I understand the job and the opportunities it presents for improving lives and conditions in our wonderful area.  It also means that I am choosy about recommending candidates for County Supervisor. I have known and worked with Bryan Bates for years and am enthusiastic aboutContinue reading “Carl Taylor, former County Supervisor”

Carl Taylor, former County Supervisor

Bates defines issues and provides solutions. One writer who articulates complex issues and provides insightful solutions is Bryan Bates, candidate for County Supervisor Dist. 4.  Bates’ focused editorials demonstrate his broad regional knowledge and understanding of connections between divergent issues. The Flagstaff Water Group (FWG), which Bates helped create, works with the City and advocatesContinue reading “Gene and Molly Munger”

Gene and Molly Munger

As a geologist, educator, and river/trail guide in the Grand Canyon region, I support Bryan Bates for County Supervisor.  I’ve worked with Bryan for over 30 years on tours with National Geographic, American Association for Advancement of Science, and Grand Canyon Conservancy. Bryan is an accomplished naturalist with a Bachelors in Native American Studies andContinue reading “Andre R. Potochnik, Ph.D.”

Andre R. Potochnik, Ph.D.

Ok all my Doney Park friends and neighbors vote for Bryan Bates please! Bryan will be interactive in our community for all of us! Mandy Metzger did such an amazing job and I know Bryan will do the same. I have not been impressed with our current supervisor who I see little to none community involvement. Spread the wordContinue reading “Denise Edwards, long-time Doney Park farrier (retired) and blacksmith”

Denise Edwards, long-time Doney Park farrier (retired) and blacksmith

Our community consists of citizens with different perspectives. Though we may not agree on all issues, we can agree that we need leaders who will listen to different perspectives and act in the best interest of our community. That’s why I support Bryan Bates for County Supervisor. I’ve always voted for the candidate and notContinue reading “William Seven”

William Seven

I am writing this letter to endorse Bryan Bates for Coconino County Supervisor (District 4).  I have known Bryan for nearly twenty years, both professionally and personally.  I first became acquainted with Bryan while I was working as an environmental scientist and reclamation manager for Peabody Energy at the Kayenta Mine on Black Mesa.  HeContinue reading “Vern Pfannenstiel”

Vern Pfannenstiel

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Latest News

Time to Vote!

I’ve spent the better part of the last year talking to as many voters as I can. Now it is time for you to vote in the Primary Election. I humbly ask for your vote. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to return your ballot by mail or early-vote in person, please make aContinue reading “Time to Vote!”

Time To Be Firewise

With mid-summer’s monsoon winds upon us (and rain hopefully following), I ask everyone to be super careful with fire. Our forests are critically dry and could easily become a catastrophic wildfire. If followed by rain, devastating floods could happen. We’ve seen this time and time again, where homes are saved from fire only to beContinue reading “Time To Be Firewise”

Update on the Doney Park Planning Committee

In the July 9 Doney Park-Fernwood-Timberline (DPFT) Planning Committee meeting (I’m co-Chair), we finished the information presentations with an overview of the County’s budget and finances. We then learned about the Flagstaff Comprehensive Regional Plan and how the DPFT region could tie into the City’s plan.  We identified key principles we’ll use as guidelines whenContinue reading “Update on the Doney Park Planning Committee”

Bryan is in a tough race in a District currently held by a Republican. Bryan needs your help.

This link will take you to Bryan’s ActBlue donation account so that you can donate online and setup a recurring monthly donation.

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your check to Bates for County Supervisor, POB 3601, Flagstaff, AZ 86003. The law requires us to collect certain information, so please tell us your occupation and employer’s name (if you’re retired, just say that).


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