November Newsletter

Dear Friends,

 In 365 days, we will exercise our responsibility and right to express our cumulative voice as to who we want to represent us in our local, state, and national government. We face major issues at all levels of our communities and no one will be more affected by this election than our children, grandchildren and generations beyond. It is crucially important that we become informed about the current candidates and issues and then make smart choices in the voting booth or on our mail-in ballot one year from today. We need to become informed about not only what candidates and issues say they will do, but what they have previously done to either serve their communities or their self-interest. Then, you can turn-off the TV and radio when all the attack ads begin, and reasonably speak with your friends about your choice.

Per my campaign for County Supervisor for Dist. 4, I have been meeting with County Department Directors and learning what they and their employees actually do to serve our community. My effort is to learn, today, about processes, challenges, potential solutions and roadblocks so that when I take office I will be prepared to serve you as best possible. Further, I have a far-right, State Representative as my opponent whose voting record reveals he prefers state control over local government, cutting education funding especially for the middle and lower class children, and having corporations manage resource extraction for their personal profit as opposed to our State and Federal Forest Service, Game & Fish and Park Service.  I’m a Democrat who believes that government needs to serve all of the people while also preserving natural resources for future generations.

I have been going to community meetings and listening to what citizens’ feel is important and potential ways of meeting those needs. I’ll continue to reach out and learn from people such as you. If you have a concern that you would like to share or help me in in the campaign, please contact me at      

In future newsletters, I will delve into a singular topic in more depth.  Until then,  please support me in becoming your representative.

Take care,

Bryan Bates, Candidate for Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 4

Envision, Plan, Act

Published by Ann Heitland

Ann Heitland is a writer, living in Flagstaff, AZ. She's also a golfer, ex-lawyer, retired real estate broker, and active Democrat.