CPWAC Meeting

On Friday, I attended the monthly meeting of Coconino Plateau Water Advisory Council (CPWAC), a consortium of nearly 20 different entities working to preserve water quality and quantity. CPWAC focuses on understanding the current and future needs for water in our area and what can be done to ensure an adequate supply. The agencies and organizations that are now working toward finding answers to our water issues are also dedicated to protecting the health and beauty of our environment. An affiliate organization, the Coconino Plateau Watershed Partnership is a separate entity for the purposes of lobbying and funding efforts.

At this meeting, the Friends of the Verde River shared its research on the river’s health from the perspective of water quality, habitat, and community needs. The value of this multi-dimensional study lies in getting a large-scale perspective on what impacts humans may be having on the watershed and how different actions may improve the overall quality. More info is available at https://verderiver.org/watershed-report-card/

A second presentation by Freshwater Research Associates (FRA) assesses the ecosystem services (services we derive from nature) of the Coconino Plateau groundwater. This second of five (planned) reports by FRA to CPWAC delineated the region where CPWAC has contracted to monitor groundwater quality and quantity. The purpose of this research is to provide the data and analysis necessary to guide policy development for numerous governmental agencies including City of Flagstaff and Coconino County.

Since water quality is an important part of my platform, I plan to follow this work closely.

CPWAC Meeting February 28, 2020

Published by Ann Heitland

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