News from the Campaign Trail

Besides fighting the winds while I went door-to-door to meet my future constituents, I had the the opportunity to be at a couple of great gatherings in the last few days.

On Friday, I joined “Breakfast with the Candidates” hosted by neighborhood Democrats at the Eastside Toasted Owl. This is a fine group of people who are working to preserve what’s good about our city, county, and country and to change things for the better.

At that meeting, I shared that  as a County Supervisor I would prioritize getting more state money for education, reducing the risk of forest fire and resultant flooding, working with the City to properly treat reclaimed water before it’s discharged and seeps into our drinking water (aquifer), and the need for long-term rehabilitation for those with addiction problems.  Working with the Navajo Nation, I will support increases in education funding, help find federal & tribal money to build more dependable water systems, improve broadband services, and work with our Congressional representatives to acquire money for Chapter economic development available thru the 1975 Grand Canyon Enlargement Act that was withheld during the Bennett Freeze. It’s time for the federal government to fulfill that long-delayed promise of help with economic development.

On Saturday, the “Doney Park wing” of the Coconino County Democratic Party held a candidate information meeting for County Offices at Horsemen Lodge. Close to fifty civic-minded people attended, including Sheriff (Jim Driscoll), County Attorney (Bill Ring), County Superintendent of Schools (Dr. Tommy Lewis), and County Assessor (Armando Ruiz). The County provides numerous different services, many of which city and county residents may not be aware of, yet are significantly affected by.

After sharing about some of my life accomplishments (see elsewhere on this page), I laid out three major responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors and explained why my many years of engagement in local affairs along with my science background uniquely equip me to fulfill these duties:

  1. Provide oversight of and direction within the seventeen County Departments while making sure that communication within and between Departments is consistent, collegial, and effective.
  2. Set budgets to enable each department to meet its service goals, and act as the fiduciary agent for several special districts within an annual budget $215 Million.
  3. Meet with US and State Legislators, other Arizona County Boards of Supervisors, and other parties which influence county operations throughout the year.
County Board of Supervisors candidate Bryan Bates, County Attorney Bill Ring, Sheriff Jim Driscoll, County Assessor Armando Ruiz, County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tommy Lewis

Published by Ann Heitland

Ann Heitland is a writer, living in Flagstaff, AZ. She's also a golfer, ex-lawyer, retired real estate broker, and active Democrat.