An Ounce of Prevention …

Prevents a pound of cure. True today more than ever as we anxiously await our government lifting COVID-19 restrictions on stay-at-home, businesses, and other aspects of our lives. As much as this has been an economic downturn, it is primarily a health issue that needs to be decided by healthcare professionals. Our government officials need to withhold judgment and follow the science as opposed to opening our economy and social interactions prematurely and risk a re-infection that could cause more illness and deaths.

It has been assumed that head government officials are the best equipped to make these decisions; however, the effects of the decisions are felt in the local communities, communities where Mayors, City Council members, and Boards of Supervisors have the best perspective on local conditions and best course forward. Our Governor, like the President, has declared that he is in the best position; however, common sense would defer to local governments. This is a time when we need to reverse the trend of concentrating authority in distant government and re-assert the right of and responsibility for decision-making at the local level.

While this may not happen immediately, we need to be thinking about how we want to govern ourselves as we emerge from and after the COVID-19 crisis has passed. Our first opportunity to do so will be the November election. I encourage everyone to vote for candidates that advocate for local governance as opposed to the concentration of power in the foreign country of Phoenix.

Published by Ann Heitland

Ann Heitland is a writer, living in Flagstaff, AZ. She's also a golfer, ex-lawyer, retired real estate broker, and active Democrat.