Bates visits Leupp Chapter House

On Jan 13, I attended the Leupp Chapter meeting on the Navajo Nation.  The Leupp Chapter had a full agenda with presentations, discussions and community vote on issues about 1) the creation of Navajo nation-wide policy restricting  genetic research on Navajo people, 2) the design, construction and financing of wells and piping systems to allowContinue reading “Bates visits Leupp Chapter House”

Wally Covington and Public Works Facility

Dr. Wally Covington was honored for his career in forest health research and advocacy for reducing fire risk in forest through fuels thinning and prescription burning at the Dec 17, 2019, Coconino County Board of Supervisors meeting. Dr. Covington began the Ecological Research Institute at the NAU School of Forestry, a program that compared pre-settlementContinue reading “Wally Covington and Public Works Facility”

Bates attends State Legislative Roundtable

On Dec 10, 2019, I attended the “State Legislative Roundtable” held between our County Supervisors and our LD-6 State Representatives Walt Blackman and Bob Thorpe and State Senator Sylvia Allen. The information below comes from this meeting based upon the County Supervisors Association, 2020 County Legislative Priorities. Supervisor Ryan spoke on allowing local communities toContinue reading “Bates attends State Legislative Roundtable”

Western Navajo Agency Council

On Dec 14, I attended the Western Navajo Agency Council meeting at Coconino Community College. Navajo President Jonathan Nez, Council Delegates from western Navajo Chapter Houses, County officials, and numerous others associated with Navajo Health and County Services met to update each other on different efforts to maintain and improve health, infrastructure and representational governanceContinue reading “Western Navajo Agency Council”

Steps to Reduce Forest Fire Risk

On Nov 20, I attended a meeting of the Four Forests Restoration Initiative (4-FRI) at the Coconino National Forests Supervisors Office. 4-FRI is a collaboration of four national forests in Northern Arizona and a collection of other stakeholders who are committed to reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire in our region. In its 10-year history,Continue reading “Steps to Reduce Forest Fire Risk”

Bates and Begay Meet in Cameron

Bates and Begay meet in Cameron On Nov 11, Bryan Bates and Judy Begay, both Democratic candidates for County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 4, got together for breakfast in Cameron, AZ. They discussed numerous items including the absolute necessity of beating Bob Thorpe.  Judy is concerned about the County road maintenance and the challenges NavajosContinue reading “Bates and Begay Meet in Cameron”