Bates and Begay Meet in Cameron

Bates and Begay meet in Cameron On Nov 11, Bryan Bates and Judy Begay, both Democratic candidates for County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 4, got together for breakfast in Cameron, AZ. They discussed numerous items including the absolute necessity of beating Bob Thorpe.  Judy is concerned about the County road maintenance and the challenges NavajosContinue reading “Bates and Begay Meet in Cameron”

I have an opponent!

Republican legislator Bob Thorpe has termed out of his post in the Arizona House and announced a run for District 4’s seat on the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. Thorpe has spent his 7 years in the legislature promoting legislation that impairs counties’ ability to run their local governments and supporting legislation that violates ourContinue reading “I have an opponent!”

Are You Part of District 4?

District 4 of Coconino County is a big, beautiful place. It stretches along the east side of the San Francisco Peaks from just north of Cameron, south past Mormon Lake to the southern county boundary with Yavapai County. Geographically, most of the District is rural; however, it includes the Flagstaff Country Club area. Here’s aContinue reading “Are You Part of District 4?”