Bates and Begay Meet in Cameron

Bates and Begay meet in Cameron

On Nov 11, Bryan Bates and Judy Begay, both Democratic candidates for County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 4, got together for breakfast in Cameron, AZ. They discussed numerous items including the absolute necessity of beating Bob Thorpe. 

Judy is concerned about the County road maintenance and the challenges Navajos have in earning money due to lack of jobs. Bryan shares the same concerns and feels that with better communication between the Navajo residents and their local leaders, Navajo needs may be better addressed. Both Bryan and Judy are working to find a way to build a more vibrant economy on the Navajo Nation and hope that their candidacies will advance that mutual interest. 

Judy has lived in Coalmine her entire life. Bryan purchased property in Doney Park 42 years ago and has lived there for 37 years; he spent 10 years teaching Jr. High & High School on the Navajo Nation. Judy and Bryan agree that they will work together to find common solutions for people on the Navajo Nation.

Veterans Town Hall

I attended a Town Hall sponsored by Congressman Tom O’Halleran on Nov 4. Over the past few years, the VA has been working to better serve our veterans. They admit that there are still issues and they have improved access to VA services both electronically and per transportation. The VA pledged to make sure that veterans get appointments with their health care personnel and the prescriptions they need. If elected as County Supervisor, I will work, as best possible, to assure that counselling and medical services are readily available to those who have served our country.

November Newsletter

Dear Friends,

 In 365 days, we will exercise our responsibility and right to express our cumulative voice as to who we want to represent us in our local, state, and national government. We face major issues at all levels of our communities and no one will be more affected by this election than our children, grandchildren and generations beyond. It is crucially important that we become informed about the current candidates and issues and then make smart choices in the voting booth or on our mail-in ballot one year from today. We need to become informed about not only what candidates and issues say they will do, but what they have previously done to either serve their communities or their self-interest. Then, you can turn-off the TV and radio when all the attack ads begin, and reasonably speak with your friends about your choice.

Per my campaign for County Supervisor for Dist. 4, I have been meeting with County Department Directors and learning what they and their employees actually do to serve our community. My effort is to learn, today, about processes, challenges, potential solutions and roadblocks so that when I take office I will be prepared to serve you as best possible. Further, I have a far-right, State Representative as my opponent whose voting record reveals he prefers state control over local government, cutting education funding especially for the middle and lower class children, and having corporations manage resource extraction for their personal profit as opposed to our State and Federal Forest Service, Game & Fish and Park Service.  I’m a Democrat who believes that government needs to serve all of the people while also preserving natural resources for future generations.

I have been going to community meetings and listening to what citizens’ feel is important and potential ways of meeting those needs. I’ll continue to reach out and learn from people such as you. If you have a concern that you would like to share or help me in in the campaign, please contact me at      

In future newsletters, I will delve into a singular topic in more depth.  Until then,  please support me in becoming your representative.

Take care,

Bryan Bates, Candidate for Coconino County Board of Supervisors, Dist. 4

Envision, Plan, Act

I have an opponent!

Republican legislator Bob Thorpe has termed out of his post in the Arizona House and announced a run for District 4’s seat on the Coconino County Board of Supervisors. Thorpe has spent his 7 years in the legislature promoting legislation that impairs counties’ ability to run their local governments and supporting legislation that violates our fundamental values. Examples are restrictions on local control of vacation home rentals, restrictions of local governments’ ability to ban plastic bags, attempts to prevent students from voting where they actually live, opposition to health care expansion, and restricting liberty in our schools, colleges and universities. It’s unimaginable that a man who has championed these causes would be a good servant on our County Board.

  • Our local landfill has a budget item of over $150,000 for cleaning up plastic bag debris that flies outside the landfill. Our cities and counties should be able to regulate the use of plastic bags.
  • Our county and municipalities should be able to regulate rental properties to best fit the needs of surrounding residents.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court settled the question of student voting in 1975, so Thorpe’s bill, had it passed, would only have cost taxpayers useless dollars attempting to defend an unconstitutional law.
  • When Governor Jan Brewer expanded Medicaid, Bob Thorpe opposed it. He went so far as to join a frivolous lawsuit by other renegade Republicans to overturn their own Republican Governor’s policy. They lost. Medicaid expansion has been a boon to our County Health District, to Flagstaff Medical Center, and other rural hospitals throughout the state. Thorpe’s opposition put radical ideology over practicality.
  • Also while in the legislature, Thorpe proposed a bill to prevent all schools, community colleges, and universities from teaching anything having to do with “social justice.” Such extremism is an affront to liberty as well as bad educational policy.

That’s Bob Thorpe’s legacy in the legislature. His government service should end there. Thorpe has no place on our County Board and I plan to campaign vigorously to oppose him.

Thank you for your support.

~ Bryan

Are You Part of District 4?

District 4 of Coconino County is a big, beautiful place. It stretches along the east side of the San Francisco Peaks from just north of Cameron, south past Mormon Lake to the southern county boundary with Yavapai County. Geographically, most of the District is rural; however, it includes the Flagstaff Country Club area.

Here’s a list of the voting precincts in District 4, listed in approximate order from north to south:

90 Tonalea
48 Coalmine
70 Moenkopi
43 Cameron
88 Tolani Lake
85 Sunset Crater
50 Doney Park
86 Mountain View (North Peak and McCann Estates)
24, 25, 26 in the City of Flagstaff
69 Leupp
92 Winona
63 Mormon Lake
41 Blue Ridge
53 Forest Lakes

The district is currently represented by Supervisor Jim Parks, who is not running for re-election. You can see a map on the Coconino County website.

Campaign Announcement

I’m running for County Supervisor of Coconino County District 4. I come from a family engaged with  community service. I spent 40 years as a science educator and now that I’m retired from teaching, I have the opportunity to give back to the place I call home.

If elected, I will:

  • Keep my constituents respectfully informed of County activities and opportunities
  • Continue to improve planned development, road maintenance and other public services
  • Create county-wide (potentially multi-county), long-term water use and flood management plans
  • Continue forest health treatment to reduce potential catastrophic fire  risk.
  • Increase support of our educational system to maintain high-quality teachers, counselors, and staff who serve our children and future
  • Fund  the criminal justice system to become more efficient and effective with less backlog.
  • Attend to County fiscal management and efficient use of tax-payer funds

The General Election is November 3, 2020. I will appreciate your support on this journey.

Bryan Bates

P.S. Here’s the news in the Arizona Daily Sun.