Gene and Molly Munger

Bates defines issues and provides solutions.

One writer who articulates complex issues and provides insightful solutions is Bryan Bates, candidate for County Supervisor Dist. 4.  Bates’ focused editorials demonstrate his broad regional knowledge and understanding of connections between divergent issues.

The Flagstaff Water Group (FWG), which Bates helped create, works with the City and advocates for reclaimed wastewater purification to remove hazardous chemicals while providing a future water source. In editorials and presentations that he/FWG authored, we’ve learned that synthetic compounds in reclaimed water cause damage to fetuses, infants and pubescent children. FWG proposes advanced treatment begin as quickly and economically as possible, a measure demonstrating Bates’ knowledge and thinking ahead to solutions.  

Concerning education, Bates quoted Thomas Jefferson’s expressing the need for quality public education to ensure our democracy. Bates stated that we either pay a small amount now to assure current and future generations have the skills and aptitudes to deal with emerging problems, or we pay by lacking the capacity to compete in a global economy.

On short-term rentals, Bryan advocates local governance, as opposed to State oversight. Decisions should be made with a balance between the use of personal property to make money and community responsibility.   

Bates’ principle focus is to define an issue, examine its roots and find workable solutions.  The tenacity to research underlying drivers, assess available resources and plan how to resolve issues is a skill we need on our County Board of Supervisors.  Please contribute to Bates’ campaign. We have and will again. Then vote for him, as we will.

Published by Ann Heitland

Ann Heitland is a writer, living in Flagstaff, AZ. She's also a golfer, ex-lawyer, retired real estate broker, and active Democrat.