Kevin Schindler, Local Scientific Historian/Author

While science and governmental leadership may appear to be different disciplines, they require many of the same skills: The capacity to define the real issue, the diligence to find the facts, a propensity for critically analyzing data and identifying the root cause of problems, and the ability to create a manageable plan.  As we emerge from the COVID crisis, we need leaders with science skills who will persist in focused efforts to stop the virus spread while also laying the foundation for recovery in our social, economic, political and technological fields. It is essential that we have strong, insightful and persistent leadership, all starting at the local level. Bryan Bates, County Supervisor candidate for District 4, is just the person to fill that role.

Bryan Bates and I served together on the Festival of Science Board for 10-years. I saw firsthand how he was able to masterfully articulate key issues, identify compounding factors, and present focused and manageable ideas. He was a highly respected Board member and our 2012 President.  And he took the position quite seriously, intent on taking a good thing and making it better, critically reviewing all aspects of operation, and implementing changes based on the good of the community as well as the organization itself.

I’ve observed Bryan’s research in the nascent discipline of cultural astronomy, research that requires gaining cultural and physical context about native use of astronomy. His work was in fact critical to some of my historic research and I found that if Bryan Bates said it I knew it to be true, since he proved to be an impeccable researcher with the highest of scientific and personal standards. He is serious about solving problems and doggedly pursues sensible and smart solutions. He is nationally recognized in his field but also locally has made a mark as one of the community’s leading educators, earning the Viola Outstanding Science Educator Award in 2013.

I think Bryan’s talents are best displayed in his insightful Letters to the Editor in the Arizona Daily Sun. He takes a singular issue, dives into the roots, and provides a clear path to a potential solution. Bryan’s commentary demonstrates his awareness of the dynamic forces and interconnecting issues that we currently and will continuously face. In short, he provides solutions to emerging concerns. This is why I support Bryan Bates, and I encourage you to vote for Bryan Bates, County Supervisor, District 4.

Kevin Schindler is the historian at Lowell Observatory, where he has worked for 25 years. He has authored six books and writes a biweekly column for the Arizona Daily Sun.

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